College Tutors

Margaret Richardson
Margaret began her teaching experience in New Zealand before continuing in the U.K, mainly training adults in different settings. As well as her teaching qualification she has a Masters Degree in Psychology. Margaret is a certificated healer and continue to volunteer at the Sanctuary. She brings both her love of healing and teaching to the role of college tutor, where she strives to create a learning environment that is enjoyable, practical and engaging to students. She is committed to continuing the legacy and upholding the standards of Harry Edwards’ healing work through the training received by students at the college.
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Klas Johansson
“Healing has always been a part of my life since I was very young. I always had a curiosity about energy work, and in my journey I have explored different fields but I was always drawn to the beauty and simplicity of spiritual healing. As a tutor at the Sanctuary I get to share my passion with others on their healing paths which is a true privilege.”

Klas has himself done his healer training at the Harry Edwards Healing College and holds a qualification in teaching. As a tutor he has a practical approach and hopes to create a friendly and open learning experience for the students. Klas is dedicated to uphold the standards of the Harry Edwards Healing College and to share the joy of healing with the world.